Our extras and advantages

Reinforced cleaning measures

In order to ensure the highest level of safety, we are extremely careful to respect the sanitary instructions related to COVID-19. The cleaning and disinfection of our accommodation is carried out in accordance with current good practice.

The key to your door is disinfected and left on the door on the day of your arrival.

Loyalty program

Each time you pay the bill, you will receive a discount voucher that entitles you to a 5% discount on the room price of your next booking with us (only on the room or cottage price, not on the supplements). This voucher is valid for one year.


  • Solar panels:

    In November 2022, we applied for the installation of solar panels. In mid-January, we received approval from the town hall. The installation is planned for mid-June.

  • Ecological gestures to protect our environment:

    • Practicing "selective sorting" is not complicated.

    • During a picnic or a walk, do not throw anything on the ground in order to protect our environment. 

    • There is no need to overheat rooms. The ideal temperature in a bedroom is around 17°C. Reduce the temperature to 18°C when you leave the house.

    • Turn off the heaters when you open the windows.

    • Smartphone and laptop chargers continue to use electricity when plugged in, even when not in use.

    • Always turn off the light when leaving a room. There is no need to light an empty place!

    • A tap that runs unnecessarily inevitably uses water that you don't need. Remember to turn off the tap as soon as possible (when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes).

    • There is no need to throw away a plastic bag after use. Most bags can be reused (after cleaning). Single-use plastics are disposed of.

    • All our rooms and the cottage are equipped with LED lighting.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Maison Cancela.