News and events

Fly fishing

The new fly season is starting soon. In the first category this season runs from Saturday 11/03 to Sunday 17/09/2023.

Ariégeoise VTT 2023

The Ariégeoise will take place the 24th of Juni 2023. You can choose between 5 different trailes:

- L'Ariégeoise XXL: 204 km - 4474 m D+

- L'Ariégeoise: 146 km - 3383 m D+

- Mountagnole XXL: 129 km - 2912 m D+

- Mountagnole: 106 km - 2213 m D+

- Passéjade: 58 km - 717 m D+

The Passéjade exist also in electrical version.

The Transpyrenea 2023

The Transpyrenea 2023 takes place from 1 August to 18 August 2023.

It is a sporting trek, a "Rando-Raid" with no classification, with the sole aim of enabling the participant to cross the Pyrenees via the GR10. The participant can count on the organiser to provide them with the necessary help to create their own adventure in the best conditions.

They will walk from the Eastern Pyrenees to the Atlantic Pyrenees. They will cross the Ariege Pyrenees from 3 to 8 August 2023 and, in particular, Siguer from 4 to 7 August 2023. Naturally, Maison Cancela will be happy to welcome the hikers and provide them with accommodation, food and supplies.

Pool cover

Since last year, our swimming pool is covered by a 1.80 m high cover which allows our customers to swim in the pool, even during bad weather.

When the weather is good, the cover will be open.


The pool is heated to 28°C from the beginning of May until the end of October, weather permitting...


Activities at Maison Cancela

If you would like a BBQ/brasero formula, even in winter time, that's possible for at least 6 persons:

  • grilled meat
  • fish in foil
  • buffet of salads, brasero vegetables, sauces
  • optional: dessert with coffee / tea


Reservation in advance by phone (+33 7 or by mail (


Price: 20 € without or 23 € with dessert